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I/O Addresses and I/O memory

Please note that this post follows on from : IRQ’s and Interrupts I/O Addresses and I/O memory relate to bi-directional Communications between (CPU/Computer to devices ) as opposed to IRQ’s/Interrupt’s which are one way (device to CPU/Computer) communications. Communication via … Continue reading

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Device IRQ’s (interrupt requests) a Definition.

Definition of : IRQ (interrupt request) An IRQ (interrupt request) value is an assigned location in memory where the computer can expect a particular device to interrupt it when the device sends the computer signals about its operation. Note that … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi GPIO programming

GPIO – Starting from the pins up During the last week of study I have spent a lot of time looking at many online references that relate to Coding for GPIO input and output on the Raspberry PI along with … Continue reading

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