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Linux command shells

Unix and Linux command shells Within the Unix and Linux operating systems , a command shell is an operating system service/application that takes commands from a terminal emulator program or from a script source file and performs any given commands … Continue reading

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Hexadecimal file editors and viewers

In my last post I talked a little about the numeric base systems of (Binary, Octal, Hex-decimal and Decimal) relating them to both computer machine level instruction code and application data. However these mathematical concepts are a little hard to … Continue reading

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ARM (SOC – system on a chip) CPU’s , Programming from the ground up …….

Having spent the last three weeks deep in programming language study, reclaiming some C++ and Assembly language skills, I am more than overdue a post here 🙂 These three weeks however have prepared me very well to start sharing some … Continue reading

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Pascal a programming language , its history and some example code.

Pascal is just one of many programming languages that you can select in order to learn programming skills and then for developing professional applications. This Wiki page details much about the language of Pascal , Pascal was named in honour … Continue reading

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Learning Coding skills the fast way

learning programming language’s the best way Learning to program a computer these days is about as simple and yet complicated as it has ever been, when I firsts started coding commercial applications it was on IBM Mid-range and Main-frame computers … Continue reading

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A list of Linux – Operating system Exams and Study Guides.

Having completed the installation of Linux on both the Raspberry Pi and the Cubietruck development boards, I am doing some planning for a study path from this point forward. I have worked with and studied Linux for many years but … Continue reading

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